Amigurumify: Yourself Project

So, I was going over my stash to check if I have everything I need for the Amigurumify: Pets challenge and I suddenly realise I didn’t show you the finished Mini Me project for the Amigurumify: Yourself challenge! O_O Noooooooooooooo! Breath in, breath out…

It’s time to make things right!

Mini Me entry.jpg

Here am I with my amigurumified self! =D

This is me when I go out hiking, one of my favorite activities!

Mini Me Close Up.jpg

Smile for the close up!

Mini Me Side.jpg

And a view from the side for more details! =)

Hope you liked it and remember that you can jump in the Amigurumify Challenge anytime you want, just stay tuned for the monthly themes!

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