Organising Yarn

When I started to crochet I made this basket to stash the yarn I bought, but as I bought more and more yarn it was getting hard to find what I needed and I never new what I had. 

Stash basket.jpg

Stash basket inside.jpg

One day while shopping I bought two cardboard boxes with the idea to store the yarns. When I got home I see that the boxes fit perfectly in my Expedit bookcase and I can place two boxes in each shelve. So I buy two more boxes and divide the yarns in four groups:

Bleu and purple lo.jpg

  •  Blue and purple yarns;

Green and brown lo.jpg

  • Brown, cream and green yarns; 

Yellow red and orange lo.jpg

  •   Yellow, red, orange and pink yarns;  

White black and grey lo.jpg

  •  White, black and grey.

On each box I have a plastic bag with yarn leftovers that are to small roll into a ball but big enough to use for small embellishments like noses or mouths.

The smaller leftovers I use to stuff small pieces and keep them in a big plastic jar:

Small yarn leftovers.jpg

Because all the boxes are different from each other I know where to look when I need something and this way the yarn is protected from the sun and dust. 

Yarn boxes.jpg

My bookstand, besides being where I keep my stash and tools from several crafts, is where all my amigurumi live.  

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