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Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend!

Come on in, let’s check the progress on the latest projects!

The Valentines Day project has been on pause, I’ve been having some second thoughts on how to go about it. First I started from the top, then from the bottom, and now I’m thinking I should again start from the top… Does this happen to you too?

So here is the portion where I started from the bottom, but I’m still not pleased with it…. I’m soooooo glad I didn’t unravel the piece where I started from the top!

I promise it isn’t just a red heart, the surprise is in the middle =)

For the “secret” projects I’m working on, I thought I could at least show you the colours and yarns I’m using.

These are the yarns I’m using for the Amigurumify: Yourself challenge. Some green, a creamy color for the skin, gray and a little bit of purple, and that’s all you’re going to see before Mini Me is finished =)

For my super secret project I thought I could do the same. So you can see the color combination of the project which I think is pretty cool!

In the picture there is a bright orange missing that I gave to my mother, I recruited her to help me out with this project so we can be sure to finish it on time. She is in charge of the orange portion of the project =)

I hope I can finish everything on time, I still have to make the disguise mask, with beard, for my brother. I haven’t started on that yet! Shhhh don’t tell him 😉


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