How to Place Safety Eyes

Quick tips and techniques for amigurumi.

Eyes are one of the most important features of amigurumi, they convey emotion, they can make our little buddies look cute, happy or even crazy! =)

The type of eyes that I usually use on my little buddies is the safety eyes, they come in many different colours and even with different shapes of pupils, and some even have the iris clear so you can paint their back in the colour that you’d like! These types of eyes are very practical and once they are put they are really hard to take off. Believe me I’ve tried!

You can place the safety eyes directly on the piece, between the stitches (1), or in the center of a magic ring piece and through the main piece (2).

Safety eyes placement.jpg

I’ve also read several times that some people hurt their fingers while putting them on, I don’t want that! Making little buddies should be fun! So I’ve put a little tutorial together on how I do it, its easy and quick and doesn’t hurt my fingers. 

Safety eyes.jpg

1. If you are placing the safety eye in the center of a magic ring remember no to close it completely. Begin to close the magic ring until you have a space that holds the safety eye.

2. Place the safety eye in the center of the magic ring and close the magic ring around the eye. Take the safety eye out and complete the piece. 

3. When the piece is completed place the safety eye once again in the center and trough the main piece (in the pictures I have the safety eye just going through the magic ring piece so you can see the placement of the fingers better).

4. In order to secure the safety eye you need the washer (plastic or metal) that comes with it.

5. Place the washer behind the safety eye with the flat part facing the piece.

6 & 7. Place your thumb in front of the safety eye and the index and middle fingers behind the washer (picture number 7 shows the placement of the fingers from the back). At the same time push with the thumb to the back and with the index and middle fingers to the front, this way you are applying force in three different points and the pressure on the fingers should be less and not hurt them.

8. Secured safety eye.

Share your tip for sore free fingers in the comments below!

Say no to sore fingers! =)

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