Crochet on the Go

When I go to my mom’s I know that I always have a little bit of time to crochet, so I always bring the project I’m working on with me. How do I do that in a easy and practical way?

I use a hold backpack from school to carry everything that I need!

Crochet on the go.jpg

In the smaller front pocket I have a tupperware with threads that I need for the project that I’m working on, a 3.5mm hook that I usually use but is too big to keep with the other most used hooks and some smaller hooks that I don’t use that often.


In the same front pocket I also keep my chenille or pipe cleaners.

Chenille pipe cleaner.jpg

In the main section of the backpack I keep a plastic storage box with the finished pieces of the projects I’m working on;

Finished pieces.jpg

A notebook where I draw and write down the patterns; 


A small plastic box with dividers where I keep all the essential tools: 1.The hooks that I use more often, a pencil and eraser, a ruler; 2. Sewing and tapestry needles, tweezers and a threader; 3. Pins, lots of pins; 4. Foldable scissors; 5. Measuring tape; 6. A thimble, safety eyes that I’ll need for the project I’m working on; 6. Paper clips that work as stitch markers.


 And a bag with all the yarns I need for the current project and the piece I’m working on. 


When I’m working on projects that need to be stuffed I also have a small plastic storage box with stuffing.

How do you organize for crochet (or other crafts) on the go?

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