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Just got this big cork board to help me stay organised and visualise my path and goals.

For me it’s super important to keep track of what I do and to plan out tasks, otherwise I feel I don’t have time for anything. Sometimes we get lost in the middle of so many ideas that we end up not doing any of them.

Lets take a peek on how I’m using it!


I organised the space in four different groups.


In the blue area I placed one strip for each task I have to do in order to complete a pattern. For example: Footnote, Table of contents… When I complete one of the tasks, I take down the respective strip. The strips are held by the pins but are not pierced so they slide right out and can be used again for when doing another pattern.

The green area is where I place my blog, stores and/or projects related to dos.

In the orange area I place the draft drawings for projects I have reserved for the future. I didn’t want to ruin the surprises so I blurred it a little bit =)

And below closest to where I sit on my computer I have an Annual Plan for the projects I want to bring to light. It’s organized by months and occasions, for example: October/Halloween, December/ Christmas and so on. This way I don’t get sidetracked by projects that don’t need to be worked on yet.

Next to the Annual Plan is my monthly calendar for the blog with the topics I intend to post and when, I also write down some pertinent information for that month like holidays.

Do you have any suggestion or tips? Please share! =) 

How do you stay organised?

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