On the hunt again!

Yesterday I went out with my mom to buy more supplies! I was able to get the supplies I needed to complete some surprises that I have for you!

The fluffy blue one and the two brown ones are for two projects I’m preparing for Halloween. The green one is for a partner in adventure of a mysterious guy that is coming out really soon! The white ones are for two projects that I have going around in my mind but I haven’t had the time to get to them yet. The beige one is to make Ami’s tail for a Ami doll I’m making for my niece.

I also bought some more wire (there’s some cool stuff coming out of that for this fall) 😉

One of the things I wanted to get were these buttons I used for Ami’s shoes. This ones I had found in my mom’s sewing box and she only had these two. I wanted to use the same type of buttons for the Ami doll I’m making for my niece  (when I’m finished I’ll be sure to post some photos here). In one store we went they had similar buttons but only one of them was the right color and size =(

This afternoon I’m going to try some more stores we weren’t able to go to yesterday. Let’s see if I have more luck this time.

I also want to buy a yarn that I saw online that I think is the solution for a dilemma I was having lately (can’t tell you, it’s a surprise 😉 ). The lady that I usually buy yarn from sells that brand and I hope she has it.

Just remembered, today is a holiday so the stores are probably closed =(

I think I was never more unhappy with a holiday. Oh well, will have to go tomorrow…

Be Happy and Creative!

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