In my Project Bag

Hello everyone! Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

Here is dark and rainy =( Sun, come back!

And to take my mind out of that why don’t I show you what I’ve been working on?

Since last week I’ve made some progress on the Christmas Elf.

Christmas elf 2.jpg

Her outfit is coming to be really cute!

I finished the last “churro” (that’s what hubby calls the rectangles before being blocked =) ) for the Periodic Table Blanket.

Periodic table blanket 2.jpg

Churro anyone?

I also finished the structure of the needles case I’m making for my mother, but I still want to had some embellishments before giving it to her. I’ll post pictures of the case after I give it to my mother.

I still have more ideas for more Christmas projects, lets see if I have time to make them.

Happy Crafting!

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