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Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Lots of crocheting done? =)

For me, as you might have guessed from Friday’s tutorial, it involved starting to put the Periodic Table blanket together. =)

It gave me great pleasure to see all those little squares come to form a much bigger object. As you can see from the photos it isn’t all put together yet, but we’re getting there. =)

Periodic Table Blanket assembly.jpg

For now I’m joining in the horizontal first, when I have all the rows together I’ll start to join in the vertical.

Even though the blanket took a big chunk of my time, I still had time to start working on the free Christmas projects.

Gift Christmas Tree Ornament.jpg

Christmas Gift Tree Ornament.jpg

Can you guess what they are (or going to be)?

I have so many ideas I want to share, but it doesn’t seem to exist enough time to do them all! Note to self: next year start working on seasonal projects sooner, much sooner! Lesson learnt =)

On Saturday night I was able to work a little bit more on the second slipper boot.

Slipper boots 2.jpg

I also added a finishing row in green on the top of the completed boot and made the cord also in green.

My mother also had these fluffy insoles that she didn’t needed, and because I know my hubby I know he is going to like this addition. =)

Fluffy Insole.jpg

He likes to walk around the house barefoot in the spring/summer, and only with socks in the autumn/winter, but he always complains that the floor is cold… Well if only there were something we could wear in our feet that had a sole… =P

Finally, Christmas Elf Amy is almost finished. Just needs to do her hair, put on some makeup and do some other minor details like putting her head on her neck =P

Christmas Elf Amy2.jpg

So has you can see, there are lots of good things coming up!

I need to go back to my hooks! =)

Happy crocheting everyone! 

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