In Other Crafts… Sean Avery

Hello everyone! Hope you are all alright!

First of all sorry for not posting our usual In Other Crafts segment yesterday, we suffered from some technical difficulties due to the bad weather that we had. We were under heavy rain and thunderstorm, we even saw a lightning fall more or less one kilometer (0,6 miles) away from our house! Awesome and scary at the same time! 

Well, now that everything calmed down we can finally take a peek into other crafts!

Can you guess what these little guys are made of?

Hummingbird by Sean Avery

Rat by Sean Avery

It’s not glass. It’s not mirrors. It’s shattered CDs! Sean Avery creates mixed media sculptures of animals and insects using meticulously layered fragments of broken CDs! Check out more of his work on DeviantArt!

Have a great weekend!


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