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Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

Lets see what I’m up to!

The Christmas Elf is coming along great! All that is left to do is to make her Christmas hat which is almost done!

The needle case for my mom is almost over but I’m undecided on how to make the closure for it… I wish I could show you so you could give me some ideas but I know that my mom will read this and then the surprise would be ruined =( 

I’m also blocking the final pieces of the Periodic Table blanket, but the weather here has been so humid that it has taken a long time for them to dry. In the next Light Bulb I will make a tutorial on how to put the rectangles together! So stay tuned for that! 

In addition to working on these, I’m also finishing some slipper boots for my hubby. These boots are based on the boots that my grandmother used to make for us every year for Christmas. She can’t crochet anymore and forgot how she used to make the boots. I made it my mission to figure out how to make them, and last year I did it! I figured out the pattern in time to make a pair for my father for Christmas. Now I want you to have the possibility to offer these super comfy and warm slippers to your loved ones so I will make them available as soon as I finish the ones I making now!

crocheted winter slipper boots

crocheted winter slipper boots

I really like the effect of the variegated yarn =)

What projects are you working on for Christmas?

Happy Crafting!

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