October Favorites

Good morning everyone! (To be read with Dracula’s accent =P )

You must have noticed that I haven’t posted about hauls in a while now, that doesn’t mean I’m not buying anything, I just realized that it might not be a kind of story that you are very interested in. But I still want to tell you about some items that I bought and think are special for some reason,  so I thought of doing a selection of my favorites for the month. Thus in the last week of every month I will show you my favorites and tell you why they are my favorites. So… let’s start? 

This month my favorite buys are…

The brown boucle yarn I bought to make FrankenPurse’s hair. That was a really fun project to see come to life and that yarn was perfect for him. I had a difficult time to find this yarn but it was worth it =)


And my second pick is… my first Tunisian crochet hook. I think it is always special when we first buy a tool that has a really specific use.

What were your favorite craft related buys in October?

Do you have any suggestions that you think it would improve Favorites of the Month? Do you prefer to see every yarn and tool I buy when I buy it? Do you prefer this new format?

Don’t be shy, all comments are welcome!

Happy Halloween everyone!



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