In my Project Bag

This week in my project bag I have two quick Halloween projects for you.

The first one is a chopped off finger. This project was inspired by my mom who very recently almost chopped her finger off while cooking. 

Chopped finger.jpg

I’m going to give my mom this finger, that way if she happens to do the same again (I hope she doesn’t), she’ll always have a back up finger =)

Zombie fingers.jpg

Of course I had to make a zombie finger =)


Finger detail with flesh and bone showing.

The second quick project are these disguise glasses that were on my mind ever since I made Howie. I knew I had to make a version of his glasses that could be worn by people. I also made another pair of glasses with a different color scheme.

Disguise glasses.jpg

These two projects will be available shortly as free downloads!

Happy Monday!

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