Crochet Pattern: FrankenPurse

Remember this guy? Ten days ago he was just a pile of little unattached crochet pieces and now he has turned into this handsome ghoul.

Frankenstein crochet purse

Last year while opening a zipper on a green handbag I had a crazy vision. A bag made in the shape of Frankenstein’s head where the scar on his forehead would be the zipper and opening for the bag! I knew he had to be made, but between my daytime job at the time and all the work that had to be done in order to create BuddyRumi I didn’t have the time to complete him.

He has been on my mind all this time. Now I finally had the chance to work on him and I think it was the right time for this crochet project to be born.

I already had crocheted the head, I just needed to make some fine adjustments. Then I made the eyes and eyelids, and more recently I made the nose. These past weeks I have been working on the hair and strap. And so, piece by piece, Frank was being created!

I’m really proud of him! It was a project full of challenges and gives me great pleasure and sense of accomplishment to see him complete!

I love him! He is the perfect companion to go trick-or-treating with!

This PDF pattern has 16 pages with detailed step by step instructions with pictures in order to demonstrate assembly, any special techniques or other more complex parts.


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  1. This is great! The opening being a zipper in his forehead is brilliant, but I also love this chain link strap. Glad you found the time to make it!

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