How to… Work with Furry Yarn

Quick tips and techniques for amigurumi.

Currently I’m working on a wig with a boucle yarn and due to the nature of the yarn I had to come up with strategies to be able to crochet with it without going crazy. To make matters worse, the yarn I’m working with is dark brown! After trying several strategies this is my How to Work with Furry Yarn! =)

  • Be calm and patient – If your hook gets caught in the yarn don’t yank it, instead take the hook out gently and remake the stitch. Work in a slower pace and when you notice that you are getting frustrated or impatient stop working on it and come back when you feel refreshed.

  • Work with lots and lots of light – Work near a window, outside or with a table top lamp (preferably with an adjustable neck) so you can see your stitches better.

  • Use a simple fine yarn of the same or similar color with the furry yarn – This will make the stitches more visible and thus easier to work with.

  • Make loose stitches – Use a bigger hook than what you normally would and don’t pull the stitches too tight.

Furry yarn.jpg

For the wig I’m using a 4mm hook and a fine yarn together with the furry one.

Furry yarn 5.jpg

Using the simple yarn with the furry one makes the stitches more visible.

  • Feel the fabric – To help you find where to work your next stitch, press the previously worked row/round between your thumb and index finger, the first dimple that you feel, after the stitch you just worked, is where you need to work your next stitch.

Furry yarn 2.jpg

  • Working in chains – When working in chains I prefer to work in the back bumps, it’s easier and in my opinion it looks better. In order to find the bumps using this yarn, I rubbed the back of the chain gently with my thumb, whenever I found a bump I marked it with a stitch marker (in my case a paperclip), mark all the bumps you are going to work in, and as you do take the stitch markers off. You can also mark the stitches when they are particularly hard or confusing to count.

Furry yarn 3.jpg

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